Sunday, July 18, 2010

Life (as it is)

Wow. Three months have gone by, and another semester of classes (granted, they were highly condensed Summer classes, but they still count!). It’s strange how much can happen within three months, and even stranger how those experiences follow us for the rest of our lives (at least I think they will….).
Here is what has been happening.

I took two intense Summer courses, to get myself ready for my first semester in the Teaching program; Math and Children’s Literature. Math was a killer, as it has never been one of my strong points. Children’s Lit. was eye-opening, and probably one of my favorite classes since I began University. I didn’t think I would like it—I got my Associate’s in English and thought I knew everything there was to know about good literature; turns out, I didn’t know a thing. I had a blast learning, though, and came out with a broader idea of the books I’d like to put in my own classroom.

After finishing the classes (and passing both), I was burnt out and ready to relax. Unfortunately, Summer-time is when my job (I work at a Deli) becomes the most hectic. People are always coming in for meats, cheeses, fried foods, or ice-cream; and working the night shift, my co-workers and I are expected to clean everything and get it ready for the next morning…all within the shift allotted to us (the company I work for has issues with overtime). This means I only get two days out of the week to myself, and those days are filled with doing chores, running errands, and other things that I can’t get done the days I work. So my relaxation and free time is limited to Sundays…maybe…if I don’t have anything left over to do…

As you can tell, my first steps out into the “Independent-Adult-World” have been rather assiduous. True, I still live at home; but due to some recent events and also due to my age, I’ve had to become pretty self-sufficient. For someone with my personality, I think it’s better to be thrown into the deep end of the pool so I’m forced to learn how to swim, as opposed to being slowly dragged from the shallow end. I’ll be the first one to admit that sometimes it’s tougher (emotionally) to learn this way, but I don’t think I’d accomplish as much as I do if I was mollycoddled like that.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, though!

Earlier this month we learned that my Grandfather’s house sold unexpectedly (they hadn’t had many people looking at it and thought it would take quite a bit longer). My cousin (bless her heart) came up with the brilliant idea to go up there and help them pack for their move; as we have both been hoping to go on a trip this summer, she asked me to go with her. So tomorrow I will be taking another step out into “Adult World”; I will be driving approx. 327 miles (526 Km) by myself, with only two planned rest-stops. I’ll be staying overnight at my cousin’s house, then we will be driving out together from there (another 442 mile/712 Km trip) to my Grandfather’s home.

To say I am excited about having a real break from my life, would be an understatement. Granted, I’ll be working most—if not all—of my vacation (not counting the parts I’m wasting in a car), but it’s still a vacation!......................................



Okay, so maybe my traversal into the so-called “Adult World” has been rather uninteresting in comparison to some…either that or my hectic life is far more realistic than most would like to admit. But it’s life, and it’s mine, so I guess I’m not one to judge.

So there you go. The very short and slightly prejudiced version of how my life is going now. I hope everyone cheers as much as I did about my “vacation” (and I also hope that they keep their fingers crossed that my cousin and I get some sight-seeing in *hint-hint!*). And I hope that more that one can relate to the overwhelming rush it is to completely enter the amazing-confusing-horrifyingly-terrifying world of the Adult.

And if they do—even if they don’t—am I forgiven for waiting three months to post an update?!